Crash Course in Vaping, Part 1

Crash Course in Vaping
Part One

Disclaimer: The recommendations and information provided here are gathered from my personal experiences with vaping. I am not a professional, scientist, doctor, or all-knowing. You choose to read and use this information of your own accord, and agree to not hold myself, Shoe Queen, responsible for your decisions and actions regarding this information. Also, I own the images contained within this document. These images are provided in this free document to educate new users. If you wish to use an image for anything other than personal blogging and sharing pro e-Cigarette purposes you must contact me for permission.

I whole-heatedly support you sharing this info on to others.
There are numerous support groups on Facebook – it has become the 2nd home for many vapers that have moved on from ECF ( and with so many different groups you should be able to find a local or state group of your own! Connecting with vapers is possibly the best thing you can do if you are serious about using e-Cigarettes.

Now, how did I learn about all this stuff?
I went to

This site is filled with lots of information and a community to answer your questions.
Join ECF, it’s free and it could be your go-to source for questions and concerns.
Take a look in the New Members Forum

Many of the newbie questions are answered there, and if it’s not a quick search or a posting will get you the information you seek. Be aware that there is a 5 post minimum to break out of the New Members forum AND, those posts must be legitimate questions. Make sure you read the rules regarding the online community at ECF to keep yourself out of trouble!

This post: is a Frequently Asked Question posting that will cover many of the basics.

The one thing I will mention about joining ECF or ANY forum is make sure to read their Code of Conduct. Most forums only ask you a few simple things, like don’t be dropping f-bombs in your posts, be respectful of the other members, and if you are a Supplier/Vendor, that you must register as such. This is pretty much standard stuff. Take the time to read it, so that you know what is allowable in their Forum. People have been banned from ECF and other Forums, and you don’t want to find yourself cut off from a great information source because you weren’t aware of the rules. Facebook, on the other had is much more relaxed, but again that depends on the tone of the Group. So, use good judgment and be polite – after all, you are asking for their help.

What Not To Do

Instead, read these documents, and then make an informed purchase!

Some Important Information

e-Cigarettes do not contain the 2000 odd-some chemicals that a traditional cigarette does.
e-Cigarettes do not create 2nd hand smoke.
e-Cigarette may or may not help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

And if any tells you “They use anti-freeze in those!”, first and foremost, they’re an idiot. No, that’s Diethylene Glycol that’s in anti-freeze.  In the early days of e-Cigarettes, the FDA found ONE manufacture that had that chemical present in a sample. This caused a big scare, and gave numerous anti e-Cigarette agencies ammunition. This information has been recycled numerous times, and to boot – there was more to the story than the FDA let on. If you’re concerned, check out this article:

e-Cigarette eJuice uses Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, which is used in lots of products you digest everyday. As I stated above, I’m not a medical professional. If you want more information on the chemicals and associated health implications of using e-Cigarettes, then I recommend looking at the articles here:

No time to peruse the forum for hours?
Well, you’re in luck. The information I am giving you here will save you about 20 hours of trying to figure out a lot of stuff.

This is your Personal Crash Course in Vaping.
I did well over a 100 hours or research on this stuff – because yeah, I’m nutz. Don’t be a weenie, take the 15 minutes to read this and the other Crash Course blogs. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and a lot of cash.

Have you got your helmet on? Then let the Crash Course Begin!


In order to understand what’s being said through out these blogs you need to be able to understand some of the terms and lingo. Don’t worry, there’s no test following this! However, these definitions will help you understand what I’m rambling on about.


PV (Personal Vaporizer) (aka e-Cigarettes): There are many different types, which I’ll cover the Joye eGo and a standard Joye 510 in this beginners blog.

Vaping: What we call using a PV. You do not “smoke” a PV, you Vape a PV. Smoking is due to combustion of flammable materials. Vaping is done by the
vaporizing of fluid (eJuice) on a heating element (Atomizer).

Vaper: What a former smoker becomes when transitioning to using a PV or e-Cigarette.


eJuiceeJuice (OR Smoke Juice, Juice, eLiquid): The liquid nicotine fluid use in a PV. eJuice contains various degrees of Propylene Glycol (PG), and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavoring. And hoo-boy, is there flavoring. It doesn’t stop at “Tobacco” or “Menthol”… right now I’m vaping Strawberry Lemonade. Basically if you can think of a flavor, someone probably makes it.


BatteriesBattery: The power unit to every PV. Dependent on what kind of set up you will be using, you may need 3 batteries per person, or 10. Different setups require different battery styles. The type of set up you decide to go with will dictate what kind and how many batteries you will need. How frequently you vape will also determine how many batteries you need to get through the day.




AttyAtomizer (Atty): The part of a PV that heats up and produces the vapor. This is the very basic starting point of e-Cigarettes. They are used in combination with Cartridges or Dripping. I don’t personally recommend either, as they are both time-consuming. However, owning a few Atomizers to sample flavors is a good idea.



CartsCartridge (Cart): Small plastic cartridge containing a heat resistant batting material that holds eJuice. Carts are used in combination with an Atomizer. Available in round and whistle tip.





CartomizersCartomizer (Carto): A single unit that holds both an atomizer and a cartridge-like batting/filler/white fluffy stuff  for the eJuice. These are larger than the atomizers. Cartos last longer than Carts, and require less topping off/refilling. Cartos are filled by dripping eJuice into the white fluffy stuff (NOT the center hole) until it is saturated, anywhere from 20-30 drops. NEW VAPOR RECOMMENDED!




ClearosClearomizers (aka CE2 / CE4 / etc.): Clearomizer is like a Cartomizer without the polyfill. This one piece unit combines combining a small the reservoir and the atomizer all in one. Instead of fluffy white filler/batting they have 2 long string-like “wicks” that helps transfer the eJuice to the atomizer.  They hold about 1.5mls of juice and fills easily from top. You unscrew the tip, tip the Carto slightly and drip your juice down the inside avoiding the air hole that runs through the middle of the carto and the replace the tip. Some Clearomizers have replaceable heads, that allow you to pop off the atomizer and wick and place a new head on. Others are disposable, and tossed when they no longer produce quality vapor and flavor. NEW VAPOR RECOMMENDED! Caution: If using an eGo battery, you need to make sure you buy an eGo Style Clearomizer or an adapter!


DrippingDripping:  A method of vaping that involves directly dripping eJuice onto an atomizer and vaping. This is done in combination with a drip tip (see below). Place few drops of juice, generally 3-5 in the Atomizer. The juice moves to the bridge of the atomizer and you then vape. Refilling is done when the Atomizer no longer produces flavor. While this may provide what is the strongest and best tasting vapor, it is also somewhat cumbersome, and requires nearly constant refilling.




DripTipsDrip Tip: A  mouthpiece that can attach either directly to an Atomizer for “dripping” or to most Cartomizer, to protect you lips from any heat a Cartomizer may have produced. Drip tips come in a wide variety of styles, and must be matched to the Cartomizer or Atomizer (Example: A 510 Cartomizer needs a 510 style Drip Tip). Save your lips, get a drip tip!


CondomCondom: NO, I didn’t put this in here to see if you are paying attention. A Condom is the small plastic cap used on the end of Carts and Cartos to seal the unit while not in use, keep the juice fresh, and prevent leaks. What can I say, guys came up with this crap…



Vivi-Nova-tanksVivi Nova Tank (available in 2 mL or 3.5 mL sizes): The Vivi Nova Tank is basically a larger version of the Clearomizers mentioned above, only these hold a larger amount of eJuice. Again these tanks work with a string-like cord that wicks the Juice to the Atomizer. These tanks are designed to used many times, and it’s really simple design makes for very easy disassemble. When changing flavors you simply unscrew the Atomizer head and wick, rinse off under hot water and replace. The heads can last for weeks. New Nova heads are easily installed, by simple unscrewing the used Nova head and wick and replacing with a brand new head. NEW VAPOR RECOMMENDED! Caution: You may need an adapter head to use one. Make sure this will work with the PV you get!


DCTTankDual-Coil Carto Tank (DCT): This innovation is my personal favorite, a large capacity Cartomizer tank that can be used with either dual or single coil Cartos. With a large reservoir to hold eJuice, and a fairly simple refilling process these DCT tanks make vaping easy. They are available in all different sizes, and different materials – from poly carbonate plastic to Pyrex glass, some clear, some colored, some with custom designs. NOTE: I only recommend using single coil tank Cartos, not the dual coil, as the dual coil ones burn through juice quickly, and often create a “burnt” taste.





Tank Atomizer: A innovation that uses a Tank Atomizer in combination with small plastic “tanks”. This system is by far the easiest to use and to fill. However it has people on both sides of the fence that love them or hate them. The original version was the eGo-T. Some people experienced no issues, some people experienced nothing but issues. While I was a big fan of these in the beginning, I have long since moved on. The latest version of this type is the eGo-C. This newer version now includes replaceable atomizer heads, that are a lot less expensive. If the tank system appeals to you – definitely get the eGo-C.


egoTankseGo-C or eGo-T Tanks: Used with the Tank Atomizer, this is a whistle tip container that hold the eJuice. When placed on a Tank Atomizer, it drip feeds into the Atty . This method has no mysterious batting. Just an eJuice reservoir tank and an Atomizer. IMPORTANT: you must buy the correct tank for your system – all eGo tanks are not a like.



ConeCone: A hollow, cylindrical cone used on a number of PVs to give the PV a smooth silhouette. Necessary? No. Nice to have? Debatable. Didn’t get one with your kit? Don’t worry, it’s not like you need it.






USBPlugsUSB Charger: The power unit to charge your batteries. These units work by taking the battery and screwing them onto an adapter that then connects a USB plug to a transformer unit that plugs into the wall.
The Most Important Thing You Need to Remember: Never, and I mean Never plug the USB into you computer. You can fry your computer. Your computer system is not meant to be charging anything that needs 5 volts for over an hour. Get the black transformer wall plug designed for your setup, use the right transformer plug for your setup, and again NEVER exchange that transformer wall plug between a 510 or eGo battery. Batteries are rates for different charging voltages.


PCCPCC / Personal Charging Case: A case that houses additional batteries for your PV. Dependent on the type of PV you purchase this may, or may not be necessary. Some look like cigarette packs, some look like old-timey flat metal cigarette cases that stylish broads would use when out on the town. Some look big enough to smite your enemies. Again, are these necessary? No, but they can be a welcome addition if you choose to go with a 510 Manual or Automatic.




That’s Part One, a down and dirty guide to some of the lingo used in Vaping. I hope you enjoyed it. Part Two will reveal some of the different types of PVs available. Oooo, the excitement mounts!

Thanks for reading, and Vape On!


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