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CASAA Launches New Web Page About FDA & e-Cigarettes

As my readers know, I have touched on the impending FDA regulations. There is a lot of history with the FDA and e-Cigarettes. While regulation in the industry is needed, the ever-present worry that the FDA will over step its bounds drives most Vapers to become vocal about this issue.

Today CASAA launched a new webpage that helps explains a little of the history with the FDA and touches on what the impeding regulation could mean. http://casaa.org/deeming_regulations.html

The impending regulation will be officially handed down in April. There will be a 60-Day period of time that allows for public response. Regulation could come swiftly after that time period.

Your Voice Will Be Needed

If you do not belong to CASAA,  please immediately go to  http://casaa.org/Become_a_Member.html and become a member. It costs nothing, and you will receive CASAA updates and Call To Action notices.

The FDA has all the resources in the world. As Vapers we have CASAA to gather and rally us.  Our strength is each other, and when united our Voice is louder.

Become an Active Advocate

Signing up as a CASAA member is great, but push is going to come to shove very shortly. Each of us needs to make our voice heard. Sharing your experience, sending emails and letters, and gathering the support of your family and friends who are not vapers can make a difference. When petitions are launched, share and promote them to everybody that knows you and can attest to the difference that e-Cigarettes have made in your life.

Contact your State’s Officials and Candidates running for Office, regardless of there being a Call to Action. Make your Voice heard, and let them know you are watching.

Freedom to Choose

This needs to transcend from being a “Vaper Thing” into a “Freedom to Choose” Right. The FDA will claim them act in the interest of Public Health. But upon careful examination it is very questionable motives that are driving these actions.

Big Pharmaceutical companies have lurked in the shadow of this debate. Add the desire to create taxation on a product to add to the coffers of State Government’s seeking to balance out budget shortfalls, and you can see how quickly this become less and less a concern for “Public Health”.

Tobacco and Nicotine are NOT Illegal. Yet the FDA is gearing up to treat Vaping and e-Cigarettes as if it where an illicit substance. If this attack was on Tobacco products alone, there would be 43.8 million people standing with us. We don’t have those numbers, which is why YOUR VOICE is so important.

Stay Informed, Be Active, And Make Your Voice Heard!