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Utah is trying to rush legislation through that will tax e-Cigarettes at 86% and ban e-Cigarette sales through the mail and the internet. There are 3 Brick and Mortar stores for ElectronicStix alone in Utah, and this will directly affect those stores.

Please contact all the representatives* that CASAA lists, and share you story and let them know that these rulings are unfair!

This Committee will meet tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6th. Get your emails in NOW!

* NOTE: The Comments section at the bottom of CASAA’s page lists the correct addresses for 2 of the reps listed.

UPDATE: The Utah House Health and Human Services Committee voted to pass HB372 out of committee with minor amendments.  The bill would still tax e-cigarette products containing nicotine at an exorbitant 86% of manufacturer’s price.

Action is needed by vapers in Utah and beyond to stop this bill from passing the House of Representatives. This bill must be voted on by March 11, 2013 for it to be possible to go to the Senate.

Please continue to send your emails and letters!