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May I ?

Manners are important. While I don’t want this post confused with the recent Anti-Vaping stance from Miss Manners, I do want to talk about a rather touchy subject when it comes to Vaping: Etiquette.

While I can reassure you that I will never be seated next to the Queen, nor will I ever have to give a talk in front of the Nation, I do have some real world experience with dealing with Vaping in public.

There are many public and private properties where I have vaped, and there are many that I have not. As a New Vaper you are excited to have found this awesome alternative to smoking, and you will want to do it everywhere. However, if an establishment has a smoking ban, before you vape, have some consideration and ask.

I know, I can already hear the argument that you are screaming at your computer screen. I know those arguments, and have all the same information that you have.

The reason you should ask is simple: We ALL Want Vaping To Be A Positive Experience When In The Public Eye.

Why? Because believe it or not, You Are A Pioneer.

When you started vaping, you became part of a Cause. No, you probably did not realize it. You were probably just looking for an alternative to tobacco. Maybe you had a friend that sold you on the concept of Vaping. Or perhaps you were just fed up with the cost of tobacco cigarettes.

Regardless of how you arrived, you became part of a large Community of people you may never meet, never know their names, and may have only one thing in common with… Vaping.

Membership in this Community has given you and each member one goal: To be able to have the freedom to continue Vaping.

How Vapers interact in public is important because as the FDA tries to take away our rights and tries to tax these products, we want the public opinion of vaping to be positive. How you interact with businesses and the public can help the Cause.

Ask “May I use my e-Cigarette?“. If they have questions be respectful, be informative, and be nice. If a business says No, then respect that decision.  If they seem open, discuss their policy. If there is no indoor Vaping ban in your area, share that information. Offer information if they would like to learn more. If they do allow Vaping, tell them Thank You, that you appreciate it, and that you will be sure to let other Vapers know that their establishment allows it.

Behaving belligerent, insulting, or like an idiot will score you no points, and weakens our Cause. We want to keep Vaping in the best light possible, and as you interact with the public you can help.

I know, you didn’t want a Cause. You didn’t want to feel responsible for something that should be a right, a freedom. But it’s on you, me, and every Vaper out there to try to keep public opinion positive. In the very least, we’ll settle for “It’s goofy looking, but since it won’t harm me, it doesn’t bother me,” from the public at large.

As a Vaper you can make a difference in public opinion everyday. Make those experiences positive ones.


Since I am on the subject of Etiquette, I would like to discuss the positive power of the humble word “Please”. As a child of the 70’s, I often think that I might be part of the last generation that was taught to use the word Please. Little did I know that this simple word would make my course in life a little easier.

As I discovered Vaping, the use of the word Please opened many doors, and resulted in getting more information and help then I ever realized it could.

From my simple request of “Can someone please explain…”, to “Could you please include a sample?” the power of Please is evident. Vapers, Vendors, and Forums are out there with information, and being respectful and courteous will lead you to a more fulfilling experience in Vaping, and Life in general.

So get out there and Seize the Power of Please!

Thank You

There are vendors, and there are Vendors. You know exactly what I am talking about if you have placed an order for e-Cig equipment or eJuice. Some vendors are simply here to move product. But real Vendors are here to sell you good products at a fair price, answer your questions or concerns, and want to retain you as a customer.

Have you told those Vendors Thank You?

Did you realize that most Vendors have a Facebook page? Or that many of them have a way for you to review products that you have purchased on their web-site?

Vendors aren’t nameless, faceless organizations. Vendors are people. They are working hard to gain your business, and to provide you products that will help you on your journey.

A Thank You is always appreciated. Did a Vendor go above and beyond for you? Thank them and share it with the Community. Post a shout out on a forum, Facebook, or the vendors web-site. Let others know that you had a great experience, and share the Vape Love.

The Little Things Make A Difference

While I am not here to preach or dictate etiquette to anyone, I do hope that some of my readers take the above advice to heart. It’s the little things we say and do that can make the biggest difference in our Community. Common courtesy can go a long way, in Vaping and in Life.

Vape On, Readers, Vape On!