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As you get into e-Cigarettes you will eventually begin to realize that this little thing we call Vaping is under threat. If you are brand new to Vaping, you may not have even realized that the FDA has been trying to get its slimy little fingers all over e-Cigarettes and Vaping for quite sometime now.

The basic gist of this sad tale is this: The FDA is pushing to regulate the sale of e-Cigarettes by classifying them as tobacco products, and increase the taxation of tobacco. Recent article here: http://www.tobaccolawblog.com/2013/02/federal-bills-would-subtantially-increase-tobacco-taxes-and-allow-new-taxes-on-electronic-cigarettes/

In April, The FDA is going to release its ruling. There will a time period open for response to the ruling, and eventually new laws will come into play. At this point in time we have come to accept that there will be some sort of regulation. And regulation will equal taxation.

So, if you have arrive late to the game, here is where we stand now: Petitions have been created to bring awareness to both the FDA and the government that Vapers will not let the FDA spread misinformation, tax e-Cigarettes to the point of making them unaffordable, or regulate the industry so heavily that it puts hundreds of small business owners out of business, further weakening the economy.

Every petition signed helps keep this in the public eye, and reminds the government and the FDA that we, the people, are watching them. It reminds them that we will not sit idly by and let them trample our rights, our freedoms, and our personal choice.

Go, sign the petitionhttp://www.change.org/petitions/congress-prevent-the-fda-from-placing-harsh-restrictions-on-e-cigarettes-or-e-liquid

It will take 2 minutes of your time to have your voice heard and counted. Don’t let the opportunity pass to voice your protest against unfair rulings and regulations. Every signature counts and makes a difference!