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Yesterday WordPress banned my blog… And today I’m back up and running.  What gives? Apparently one of the links I provided in my last blog had WordPress up in arms. So, rather than send me a sharp note,  they instead took down my entire blog, with no explanation other than I was banned and in violation of their TOS… Because that’s apparently how they roll.

In the 12+ hours that I has thought I lost my blog forever I was able to export it and get it up and running on Blogger. No small feat, considering I only learned how to do all of this blogging stuff about 1 week ago.

This morning I got a reply to my inquiry with customer service, and was notified about the offensive link, and that it needed to be removed. The link in question didn’t strike me as particularly offensive, and I have no idea what the forum that I linked to did to raise the ire of WordPress. I’m guessing it has something to do with the mysterious “affiliate links”.  Which is funny, because the only thing I’m affiliated with is buying too many shoes. Regardless, the link has been removed.

So there you have it, we’re back. And for what it’s worth, I’m now in 2 locations. Here on WordPress and also on Blogger, just search for thequeenvapes.

And by the way, in the 8 hours my new Blogger page ran, I had more hits there than the entire week I’ve been running here. So, WordPress inadvertently made my blog more reach more people.

Don’t you love irony?