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Not only do I have a sense of satisfaction in celebrating my 2 Year Vape-a-Versary today, but also that I have completed my conversion and upload of The Crash Course in Vaping here on WordPress! You can find the links to this section on the right or up at the very tippy-top of the page.

A little history on the Crash Course: I created the original emails that these blog posts are based on about 6 months after I began vaping. Later I converted those emails into a OpenOffice format and created PDFs to send out to the folks that asked me for more information about e-Cigarettes. So, this blog is now the 3rd incarnation of those first stumbling emails from many moons ago. Updated, refreshed, and ready for the new users of e-Cigarettes out there! Enjoy my labor of love, and feel free to refer others to this blog. I will continue to update and revise as I learn even more in my Adventures in Vaping!

And I want to give Blacksmith Pro of VapeTV, for giving me the nudge for finally getting this information out there for the world to see. Dude, your like the wind beneath my wings… or is that the Vapor beneath my wings? Regardless, thank you! 😉