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This blog has been created as helpful guide to Vaping, e-Cigarettes and is a record of my continuing Adventures in Vaping. Two years ago I began this journey, and 3 days after receiving my first starter kit I put down my pack of cigarettes forever.

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FDA Issues Proposed Regulation


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On Thursday the FDA finally released their proposed e-cigarette ruling. This comes as no great shock to the Vaping community. For the past four years the FDA has always been a constant in my thoughts regarding vaping. Every single person I introduced to Vaping, or had an in-depth conversation with about what e-cigarettes are, the subject of pending FDA Regulation has come into play.

As I took a brief glance at the 240 page document, and felt my eyes glaze over as I tried to get into the rhythm of governmental legalize, I became very grateful that we have an organization to help us. CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association is our shield against the insanity. These folks toil away to help us fight Regulation and protect our rights as Vapers.

Now before you charge off to write a scathing email to the FDA, go to CASAA’s page. You will have one, and only one chance to submit your testimony to the FDA. Right now CASAA is studying the proposed ruling, and will issue a Call To Action that will instruct you on the best way to compose that testimony. The FDA will open a public docket for submitting testimony for 75 days, so there is no reason to panic and rush ahead.

How will you know when CASAA issues a Call To Action? You will know because you are a CASAA member, and they will post it on their page, and most likely send you an email if you provided them with an email address. If you have not joined CASAA, do it… right now. It’s free, and it’s important that you become a member and support the only organization that is interested in your rights as a Vaper.

And speaking of Support, you can make a donation to CASAA as well. With the immense amount to work ahead of them, CASAA could use a little help fighting the FDA. CASAA is composed of volunteers, and as a grassroots organization doesn’t have funding like the FDA, or the income of Big Tobacco. Remember that $7.00 you use to spend on a pack of cigarettes? Why not send it over to CASAA? Even a one-time donation can help in a big way.

We’re all in this together, and with CASAA’s help we will fight the FDA. We won’t banish Regulation, but we can make a difference is how that Regulation is imposed, and hopefully keep the insanity to a minimum.

Vape On and Fight!